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23 Nov

Even tiny measures may lead to a substantial effect

Date: 2009-11-23 10:29 Comments: 0 st

Last week, I conducted an open course in personal productivity in Stockholm, with participants from a wide variety of industries: from disposal of radioactive waste to gardening, via pharmaceuticals (among others).

We talked about the advantages with shutting your office door from time to time, and about not checking your e-mail constantly, when you really need to focus on a difficult task.

At 1:17 PM the day after, I got a nice mail from one of the participants:

Hi David!

I have promoted your course here at work! It was great and very interesting.
Just now, I opened Outlook. I had it shut down this morning between 10 and 12 AM and I closed my door.

I got so much done!

Isn’t it fascinating that such small measures as closing a door and shutting down an e-mail program for a while may create such a substantial effect?

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