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13 Nov

Does a struktör dream of bicycle messengers?

Date: 2009-11-13 11:31 Comments: 0 st

Yes, sometimes I actually dream of changing path and become a bicycle messenger.

There is really something alluring about the bicycle messenger trade. I mean, getting ... an assignment, deliver the good quickly and then it is all completed. One or a couple or a few assignments at a time, complete them, then you’re done. Pick up something here, deliver it there. Done!

There is something about quickly completing concrete, clearly defined tasks that is so sweet. Tasks like that make it so obvious to me that I get things done. Probably that’s why I fancy the to-do-list so much. Pick something, do it, check it off.

Especially tiny, short tasks that are quickly done. They are like candy. Pick one, complete it, pick another, complete it, pick yet one more, complete it.

I find so much pleasure in working at the office, listening to music, completing task after task in a wonderful flow.

Thank you, to-do-list, my beloved.

P S The music I prefer to listen to while working right now is, either Michael Nyman’s intense baroque pastiche score for Peter Greenaway’s “The draughtsman’s contract”, or MGMTs suggestive “Electric feel”, that is out of this world.

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