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13 Apr

Do you know?

Datum: 2011-04-13 13:05

Hav­ing good struc­ture is to know” my busi­ness friend replied over lunch the oth­er day when I asked what struc­ture means to her.

Indeed, that is tried and true”.

Where you are

If you have good struc­ture, you know where you are in rela­tion to where you want to be (in your pro­fes­sion­al life or in your busi­ness, for exam­ple), as opposed to if your struc­ture was not good, then you would stand as if on a quag­mire with­out being firm­ly root­ed nei­ther in his­to­ry nor in the future.

What you do

You know that you are advanc­ing in the major ini­tia­tives or project that you ini­ti­at­ed in order to cre­ate a bet­ter tomor­row. What you would not know if you did not know”, is what these small and large projects would be, and you would not know if any of them were stand­ing still or in dan­ger of being neglected.

What the right thing to do right now is

If you did not have good struc­ture, you would not know what the right thing to give pri­or­i­ty to right now would be, since you would not be aware of what all the pos­si­ble things that you have to do are, due to that you do not have them gath­ered in a des­ig­nat­ed place. 
Nei­ther would you know what to-do-items are hid­ing in that pile over there, to the left on your desk. Per­haps there is some­thing in the pile that sud­den­ly it is too late to do, but which would have cre­at­ed new oppor­tu­ni­ties if only you had com­plet­ed it in time (since it did not take too long to do after all, once you got to it).

Where it is

When you have good struc­ture, you know exact­ly where in your papers you should be look­ing to find that par­tic­u­lar doc­u­ment. You also know that your sys­tem for paper-ref­er­ence-mate­ri­als will be intact even if you open a win­dow and let the spring winds sweep in, since you have found a safer stor­age space for it than in stacks and piles on the desk.

What oth­ers do for you

When your per­son­al work­day-struc­ture is of a con­struc­tive kind, you know what you are wait­ing for from oth­ers and you know that you are still in no hur­ry to remind whomev­er it may be that you need to get what you are wait­ing for. When on the oth­er hand it isn’t good (your struc­ture, that is), you real­ize way too late that you should have received a cer­tain mate­r­i­al from a col­league before you went to the meet­ing and that you now have to think on your feet and wing it, because in front of you sits who you are hop­ing will become your next customer.

So, what do you pre­fer — to know or not know?

If you choose to know”, read this

If you want to know, make sure you have for­mu­lat­ed what is to you a clear and attrac­tive vision of how you want it (your com­pa­ny, your job, your life) to be in a cou­ple of years. Also make sure you have a place, a doc­u­ment, a map, or a sys­tem where you can see all the projects or larg­er ini­tia­tives that you have ongo­ing at the moment and make sure that you can pair each project with at least one next step that con­sti­tutes a to-do-item on your to-do-list. 

Ah, the to-do-list. Make sure you only have one. Be care­ful when for­mu­lat­ing the tasks you have to do and make them small” enough to enable you to do them in a sin­gle go. If they in turn con­sist of sev­er­al steps, they are actu­al­ly projects and should be put on the project-list (from which you for­mu­late the next step, which is put on the to-do-list).

Final­ly, make it a habit to write down every­thing you are wait­ing for from oth­ers in a sin­gle place (in a list, in a doc­u­ment, or some­thing like it). Not every­one is as struc­tured as you are. Just because they say they will get back you before Wednes­day”, you can­not be sure they will remem­ber to do so.

Do you real­ly need to know?

Igno­rance is bliss” — well, per­haps for a while, but not in the long run. 
So, join the con­scious, know­ing crowd, you too!

How do you do it?

How do you know when you do not know? How do you get an overview when you do not have it?

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