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21 May

Do as agent Cooper did

Date: 2010-05-21 11:20 Comments: 0 st

Do you remember the early 90’s legendary series “Twin Peaks”? Each episode contained at least one scene in which Kyle MacLachlan’s character “Agent Cooper” grabbed his dictaphone and began by saying “Diane,…” and then freely recorded his thoughts onto the tape.

?The story never revealed who Diane was or if she even existed.??In most modern cellphones there is a feature called “Voice Recording”, “Voice Notes” or something similar.

This feature is at the moment my dearest structural tool.

Capture the elusive?The dictaphone-function allows me to capture many things as they pass through my mind. Instead of forcing them to come to me when I need them, I can capture these grains of gold, just waiting to become expressions, ideas and arguments, whenever they appear, effortlessly. It is a huge relief for me to be able to let them off my mind, and still keep them safe in store, in the same form as they first appeared to me.

Good ideas?

It can, for instance, be good, and even seemingly brilliant ideas, which I then put into my “someday/maybe”-list to mature until the time is right to put them into practice. Some of them ripen as predicted, while others fade away with time.

Things to do

?I often voice record those to-dos I’ve decided to take action on shortly after I finished a phone call (and which I might have agreed upon doing with the person I spoke with). If I’m driving, I’d rather voice record the task than search for my pen and my index card sized Stay-on-track-cards to write it down. It is important that I make sure to “empty” the voice recorder as soon as I turn on the computer and transfer the tasks into Outlook, so that I don’t have tasks scattered in various places.

Clever expressions and reasonings

?But above all, at the moment I am enjoying dictating my expressions and reasonings aloud to myself. To write letters or e-mails, especially in a particularly sensitive situation in a relationship with a customer, is for me associated with a certain amount of agony. As is creating new lecture material when I am running short on time. ??I often come up with the most clever expressions and formulations when I’m doing something completely different than sitting at the computer staring at a blank sheet on the screen. If I’m then able to capture these clever phrases as they pop up, the process of writing the letter or the lecture itself becomes a whole lot easier.??Since the writing is no longer tainted with anguish, I will get it done a lot easier (since I’m not choosing to do other, more convenient things first). The e-mail will be sent, the process continues to evolve and I will reach my goal sooner rather than later.??And if you think about it - all this thanks to Diane.

Go ahead, try it..

?If you are not doing it already, I can really recommend you to try the voice notes feature. If your cell phone lacks this application there are simple voice recorders you can purchase. What is it worth to catch a grain of gold before it eludes you?

How do you do it?

?What is your favorite structural tool right now?

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