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30 Apr

Different colors for different information

Date: 2010-04-30 11:08 Comments: 0 st

A while ago, I held one of the instances of my recurring open course in personal productivity in Malmö in the Southernmost part of Sweden. One of the participants was Danish expert on self-led work Sanina Kürstein from Sensio.

She had found a solution to the need to as smoothly and quickly as possible, sift out the essentials from a recent meeting. Where I have solved the same problem with the meeting block “Like a charm!”, she has found a possibly more aesthetic solution.

When she is in a meeting, she takes notes with several differently colored filt tep pens, where the colors represent the type of information that is written. Call it “tag:ing” if you want.

Green is for the title, pink for ideas, yellow for tools, light blue for exercises, brown for quotes et c.

On an adhesive label on the pen case, she as written a legend in order to make the meaning of each color clear.

Isn’t it a tasteful solution? I have not tried it myself, but I imagine that the notes are both beautiful, colorful and easy to interpret. More so than when you write “monochromatically”.

How do you do to quickly and easily sift the essence out of your meeting notes?

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