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08 Jun

Delegate to your calmer summer-self

Date: 2016-06-08 11:12 Comments: 0 st

Are you feeling the acceleration now as well? Summer is drawing near and we are rapidly approaching vacation.

A client I spoke to the other day said that ”it is as if there are not enough days until I go on vacation”. Many of us are in the most intense time of spring right now and need to complete and round off a lot before leaving work for the summer vacation.

Few people have the entire summer off, but for most people the summer-months do have a calmer tempo. If we are working, then perhaps our client is away from work. There is always at least one participant in the project who is off on vacation. Things do not pick up full speed again until in the second half of August.

If you are running a restaurant by the sea or work in a business which has its most intense period during the summer-season, then the calmer tempo will come some time during the fall.

Thin out your list
I am guessing that you have a rather hefty to-do-list at the moment. It would probably be relieving to thin it out somewhat and get rid of a few tasks. If so, then do.

You know that things will simmer down in a couple of months when there are only half as many people in the office. Therefore postpone anything that does not need to be completed before Midsummer for the calmer period after when you have more time and breathing-space.

More focused
You will then be left undisturbed more and will be able to work with these not so urgent things since fewer people are at the office and in need of you assistance and attention. You will not have to feel bad about not completing certain tasks during this more intense period since you have planned to do them later on when conditions are more favorable.

Do this

  1. Look through your entire to-do-list and mark the tasks which you would preferably do during the calmer period to come. These tasks are generally one of two types:
    • tasks you need peace and quiet to do
    • tasks which would feel wonderful to already have completed by the time fall rolls around

  2. Now categorize these tasks in such a way so that you find them without effort later on. I suggest you categorize as or tag them with for instance ”Summer-To-Do”. If you have your to-do-list on paper, then designate a page at the back of your notepad where you collect and make note of the summer-tasks, hence making them easily available when the time for doing them comes.

  3. Take out you calendar and schedule a thirty minute meeting with yourself on the day when the calmer period most likely begins, and name it something like ”Plan summer tasks”. This is when you will take out your summer-do-do-tasks and portion them out throughout the lull. If you want to be certain that you have time to do them, then schedule a few hours of meeting-time with yourself every week. If that seems a bit too ambitious, then set a few appropriate deadlines (if it is important that the tasks are completed before the fall).

Easier workload
If you postpone tasks now for the calmer period during the summer-weeks, you can allow yourself to focus with greater zest and enthusiasm on the tasks which are more prioritized at the moment since you no longer have to feel weighed down by things you do not have time to do now anyway (and which might not be very urgent). You schedule the doing of these tasks for a more convenient and appropriate time when they will get done much easier and faster, which in itself is a kind of improvement in efficiency.

What is your way?
How do you make the most of the calmer summer-months in a smart and efficient way? Feel free to leave a comment. 

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