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05 Feb

Clockwise towards a bonus

Datum: 2010-02-05 11:33

In ear­ly Jan­u­ary, Swedish news­pa­per Sven­s­ka Dag­bladet pub­lished a fea­ture about the Malmö based com­pa­ny TAT — The Aston­ish­ing Tribe.

Among the pic­tures that illus­trat­ed the arti­cle was a small pho­to (see right) on the company’s way to com­mu­ni­cate to what extent they meet their goals and how close they are to get­ting a bonus.

Almost like on a clock with a clock face and hands, we can eas­i­ly see where they stand today and what their fore­cast is.

Placed in a loca­tion in the com­pa­ny where many pass by, it is more vis­i­ble, present and tan­gi­ble in every­day life than if it had been placed on a page some­where in their intranet.

Sure, I like IT-based deci­sion sup­port tools (such as Bar­i­um, for instance), but when I see a phys­i­cal solu­tion to the same need, my heart beats an extra stroke (in a pos­i­tive sense).

How have you illus­trat­ed a key fig­ure or a goal in an uncon­ven­tion­al way?

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(The song of the day is by the way Bön Iver’s re: stacks”)