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31 Mar

Can you make things happen by being passive?

Datum: 2010-03-31 12:19

I just came back from a meet­ing with a prospec­tive customer.

In our con­ver­sa­tion we came to talk about the phe­nom­e­non that those who want to pre­vent and coun­ter­act change in an orga­ni­za­tion can do so by being total­ly pas­sive, espe­cial­ly if he or she holds a key position.

That way, you could say that pas­siv­i­ty is a pow­er­ful man­age­ment tool. By being pas­sive, you can pre­vent things from happening.

But, what if we turn that around?

What if pas­siv­i­ty could be a pow­er­ful man­age­ment tool when you actu­al­ly want some­thing to hap­pen. Wouldn’t that be the ulti­mate effi­cien­cy? Immense effect with zero input.

What would that look like?
What would be an exam­ple of that? 
How did you do when you got a lot of things done by doing nothing?

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