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15 Jan

Better and better step by step

Datum: 2010-01-15 08:59

I have got an idea and I need your help.

In one of my cur­rent assign­ments, we need to make vis­i­ble both what the company’s core process looks like in detail, step by step, and how much each step adds val­ue to the prod­uct from being an embryo when it enters the process to being a fin­ished, mar­ketable prod­uct when it leaves the process.

In each step the val­ue of the prod­uct increas­es and we want to show how much total val­ue is gen­er­at­ed in the process.

My idea is to describe the process in a rel­a­tive­ly tra­di­tion­al process map, with the dif­fer­ence that each box is so much big­ger than the last box as the val­ue that is added in that step.

Here is an exam­ple of how it might look like.

  • What do you think about this way to visu­al­ize the grad­ual rise of a prod­ucts val­ue in a process?
  • Is it clear enough?
  • How can I refine it?
  • Have you done some­thing similar?
  • Have you solved the same prob­lem in anoth­er way?

I real­ly would appre­ci­ate to hear your thoughts on this. Please leave a com­ment below!

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