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04 Jun

Away with the cords!

Datum: 2010-06-04 11:32

OK, let us say that we suc­ceed in clear­ing our desk as com­plete­ly as if it were a desk in an IKEA show­room. It is free from piles of doc­u­ments so that we eas­i­ly can focus on the task at hand, with­out being dis­tract­ed by stuff we do not need at the moment.

Then, it is a pity if what we see instead are a magpie’s nest of cords lead­ing from our com­put­er, print­er, scan­ner and lamp over the desk, over the edge and down towards the floor. It destroys the free, airy, lib­er­at­ing ambi­ence that we oth­er­wise have accomplished.

Design­er Bea­t­us Kopp, a stu­dent at Staatliche Akademie der Bilden­den Kün­ste Stuttgart has solved this in a styl­ish way. The table aTable” has hol­low legs through which the cords can run eas­i­ly — togeth­er and concealed.

Read more about aTable” and see more pho­tos at Dezeen design mag­a­zine here.

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