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Book David Stiernholm for a hands-on, inspiring and entertaining talk!


Individual structure coaching

Get individual help from David Stiernholm to create and maintain good structure habits which make you more productive in your daily life.


Course in structure

Smart tips and practical exercises in a course that will make you more structured.


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David offers lectures and courses for both larger and smaller groups (between 1 and 1000 people). The choice is yours.

Regardless what you choose you will get concrete tools to help you become more structured - both in you professional and in your personal life.

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Do you want to get more done in less time?

Then you are in the right place. David Stiernholm is Sweden’s only struktör, and teaches thousands of people every year in companies, government authorities, municipalities, organizations and universities how to become more structured and attain a higher degree of personal efficiency.


We have worked with a lot of different and interesting customers the last years. 

Some of our past and current customers.

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