Distinct direction for your business

You are in charge of an organization. When times are as intense as right now, it’s easy to postpone strategic planning. “There are so many fires to put out!”. You only have time to work with what is urgent rather than with what is important in the long run.

In an intensive full day workshop, we lead you through making an analysis of your business’ current situation, identify goals, create action plans, refresh your vision and strategy, and we ensure that they harmonize with each other. We make sure that it all fall into concrete activities and a clear framework to lean against when you are back in the everyday operation.

By engaging Stiernholm Consulting, you assure that this important strategic planning actually takes place, in a structured, systematic and efficient manner.

David Stiernholm has over ten years of experience helping both small, young businesses and large, well established companies define a clear direction into their future.

The methodology is based on our “Euphonia”-model.

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Book David Stiernholm for a hands-on, inspiring and entertaining talk!


Individual structure coaching

Get individual help from David Stiernholm to create and maintain good structure habits which make you more productive in your daily life.


Course in structure

Smart tips and practical exercises in a course that will make you more structured.


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