Talk "Set the right priorities - and become more goal oriented"

What do you usually do first: what is important or what is urgent?
During this talk, I will teach you how to prioritize the right tasks (and become happier in the process). The 45-90 minute talk is well suited for kickoff meetings, management conferences, staff days, or industry gatherings.

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Most of us tend to do what appears urgent first, instead of doing what is important. The problem is that we have not determined what is important - we are playing a game without having set up a goal. During my hands-on and practically oriented talk, you will learn how to set specific, measurable goals that have a set timeframe. Eisenhower’s principle (yes, as in the President) helps you become more goal oriented so that you can determine which tasks that are important and which tasks that are only urgent with ease. 

  • During the talk, I will also teach you:
  • How to have time for what matters most
  • How to reach clearly defined sub-targets (and celebrate attaining them!)
  • Saying “no” or “it can wait” with a smile of relief

Get in touch right away if you are curious of how herring, goats’ eyes and a mother in a rowing boat can make you are your coworkers:

  • More goal-oriented
  • Happier
  • Less stressed

I am interested. Send me a quote!



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