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Talk "Visualize, simplify and get more time at your disposal!"

Most of us work togeth­er with oth­er peo­ple, in projects, as cus­tomers, as sup­pli­ers or as colleagues.

When things are so intense as right now, and when our dead­lines are so rapid­ly approach­ing, it is nat­ur­al to feel stressed, pressed and just about ready in the last second.

We live in a con­stant inflow of e‑mails to han­dle, requests to answer, infor­ma­tion to digest, tasks to com­plete, news to act on, col­leagues that want our help, meet­ing to hold, notes to rewrite et c.

There­fore, we need to visu­al­ize, sim­pli­fy and make sure that our ful­ly booked days brings our­selves, our project and our busi­ness where we want to.

In his talk Visu­al­ize, sim­pli­fy and get more time at your dis­pos­al!”, David Stiern­holm presents the three tools you at least need to cre­ate a good per­son­al struc­ture every day. Also, he gives you the sev­en deci­sions you need to make togeth­er to enhance your pro­duc­tiv­i­ty in your project, work­group or organisation.

Dura­tion: 45 – 60 minutes

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