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24 Feb

Five ways to smoothly capture progress in a project

Date: 2010-02-24 14:22 Comments: 0

Do you find it hard to compile tasks that were completed in a project or an assignment with the purpose of writing a report or create an invoice from the hours you spend on the project?

Is the result of this that you work until late at night trying to finish the report in time or that you send the invoice much later than you would like to? 

Could these difficulties be due to that it’s hard to remember what you did and for how long when trying to remember it long after it was completed?

Here are five simple tips on how to make this process easy as pie.

27 Jan

Fully updated at least once a week

Date: 2010-01-27 09:53 Comments: 0

One of the most valuable components of a structured, effective, personal way of working is the weekly update.

If you in your everyday life complete and add tasks to your to-do-list, creating a continuous in and out flow of tasks, it is in itself a good thing. But it often tends to result in a situation where only the tasks of immediate importance are completed, for example the most recently added tasks or those someone recently reminded you to do.

There may be tasks here and there in the to-do-list that you added a couple of months ago, which are of vital importance for your business, but which you couldn’t do anything about at the time.  Now might be the right time to complete such a task and if you do not at regular intervals go through your to-do-list, it can easily get lost in the crowd.

This is where the…

11 Dec

To see your accomplishments as a swimming pool

Date: 2009-12-11 10:28 Comments: 0

This autumn I have again had the opportunity to work with a group of entrepreneurs within a project called “Spira” (in English “spire”) here in Gothenburg. In this project, ten fresh entrepreneurs get help building their business during six intense months.

My assignment was to give a talk and to hold a workshop on how to formulate a long term vision and how to break it down into short term, detailed goals and milestones to guide you on an average workday. A month later, I met with every individual entrepreneur to work on their particular questions and challenges, regarding how to reach your long term goal as easily as possible.

When I sat down with ...

07 Oct

How to make your business make sweet music

Date: 2009-10-07 11:51 Comments: 0

We can be very efficient as individuals, but to be successful in making the company evolve into what we want it to become, we need to connect our structured and productive working habits with the overall structure of the company.

This structure can be expressed in terms of ...

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