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Book David Stiernholm for a useful, inspiring and occasionally tongue-in-cheek speech!

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“Get super-structured” - Get more time for the important things by organizing, focusing and automating. Read more.
“How to prioritize methodically and say 'no' with good conscience”

David is available for one hour-, half day- or full day-seminars.

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Book David Stiernholm for a hands-on, inspiring and entertaining talk!


Individual structure coaching

Get individual help from David Stiernholm to create and maintain good structure habits which make you more productive in your daily life.


Course in structure

Smart tips and practical exercises in a course that will make you more structured.


Latest blog entries:

clock icon2018-03-15

Let Zapier and Todoist write your to do list for you

Recently, I showed you in another video how to make Office 365 write your to do list for you.

The idea is that ...

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clock icon2018-03-14

How to quickly get back on track after being interrupted

The researchers Mark, Gonzalez and Harris at the University of California have conducted a study on how often we get interrupted ...

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clock icon2018-03-06

Let Office 365 write your to do list for you

I have found a way to make your to do list write itself in Office 365 and I am eager to show you how...

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